ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Generic programming


The Workshop on Generic Programming is an annual workshop, typically organized in affiliation with an international conference. Scope

Generic programming is about making programs more adaptable by making them more general. Generic programs often embody non-traditional kinds of polymorphism; ordinary programs are obtained from them by suitably instantiating their parameters. In contrast with normal programs, the parameters of a generic program are often quite rich in structure; for example they may be other programs, types or type constructors, class hierarchies, or even programming paradigms.

Generic programming techniques have always been of interest, both to practitioners and to theoreticians, and for at least one decade generic programming techniques have been a specific focus of research in the programming language community. This workshop brings together leading researchers in generic programming from around the world, and features papers capturing the state of the art in this important emerging area. Next Workshop

Current workshop

The 11th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Generic Programming (WGP 2015) will be held in Vancouver, Canada, affiliated with ICFP 2015.

Past Workshops

Previous Workshops on Generic Programming have been held in

The workshop has been affiliated with ICFP from 2006-2013. In 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2014 the workshop was sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN.

Steering Committee


The main purpose of the WGP Steering Committee is to provide continuity of the workshop and to offer help and advice to the current organizer(s) of the workshop.

The responsibilities of the steering committee are:


The GP Workshop Steering Committee comprises the three previous GP Workshop Programme (Co-)Chairs and three appointed Members-At-Large.

Each year, around the date of the GP Workshop, the Steering Committee appoints the Programme (Co-)Chair(s) for the next GP Workshop. The steering committee additionally appoints a new Member-At-Large to succeed the currently longest serving Member-At-Large. The previous WGP Programme (Co-)Chair and the newly appointed Member-At-Large then join the Steering Committee, while the longest serving former Programme (Co-)Chair and Member-At-Large step down.

The chair of the Steering Committee is one of the longest serving Programme (Co-)Chairs.

Should there be vacancies within the Steering Committee, e.g. due to a member stepping down early, the Steering Committee appoints members to fill the vacancies and, if necessary, decides on the succession ordering.

Present Members

The 2014/2015 members of the Steering Committee are:

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee is responsible for the technical content of the Workshop. The Workshop Chair, with the approval of the Steering Committee, appoints the Programme Committee and leads its work.